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Kevin J. Caponecchi


Kevin Caponecchi joined as President of Euronet Worldwide in July 2007.  As President, Kevin is responsible for the strategic planning, operations and management of Euronet.  In 2011, Kevin also assumed responsibility for the management of epay (Euronet’s Prepaid segment) on a global basis.  He decided to directly manage the business during a time of transition and great opportunity.  In this role, he oversees the growth of the segment while exploring new business opportunities, new partnerships and new markets.

Kevin has 18 years of domestic and international management experience with various GE businesses. Prior to joining Euronet, he served as president for GE Transportation's Global Signaling business.
Kevin J. Caponecchi

Marc Ehler

Managing Director Europe/cadooz

Marc Ehler joined Euronet in September of 1998 as Director of Sales for ATM business in Germany. In 2001 he took over responsibility for Multinational Accounts in Europe and was given full power of procuration in 2003. Marc built the business from the ground up - to one of the biggest independent ATM networks in Germany. In 2004 Marc was instrumental in the acquisition of Transact (which rebranded to epay in July 2009) and was subsequently promoted to be one of its three managing directors, along with its two founders. Following the founders’ departure in June of 2006, Marc has acted as Transact’s only managing director and Chief Executive Officer. In 2013 Marc added acting Managing Director of cadooz – a Euronet subsidiary and German market leader for vouchers, rewards and incentives - to his role.
Marc Ehler

Jason C. Thompson

Managing Director UK/Ireland

Jason Thompson is the Managing Director of epay in the UK and Ireland, and is responsible for the strategic growth of the company in those regions, including three office locations and managing over 100 members of staff.

Jason joined epay from Microsoft in October 2011, where he managed the retail global account, sales operations and product marketing across Xbox 360, Windows OS, Windows Phone and MS Office product groups - winning various European and global awards for excellence along the way.
Jason C. Thompson

Bryan Zingg

Global Products Director & President epay USA

Bryan joined epay in 2004, subsequent to Euronet’s acquisition of Precept in Irvine, California. Originally appointed as Director of Business Development, he has progressed in various roles within epay. Appointed epay’s International Director of Product in 2010, Bryan was responsible for new non-mobile content acquisition and organic growth of non-mobile content in epay’s 35 countries across the world. In 2013 his role expanded to include building new brand relationships in key verticals such as software and alternative payment products as well as expanding existing brand relationships.

In June 2014, Bryan was appointed as President of epay North America in addition to his Global Product Director role. In this role he leads a 80+ member team who deliver mobile operator solutions and prepaid product distribution solutions through a cloud-based payment processing platform. epay mobile operator solutions bring visibility, control and influence to the provider across their entire distribution chain. In the US, epay provides digital gift code and online top ups to mobile wallets and retailer.com sites plus distributes prepaid content to 50,000+ brick and mortar retail doors in the United States.

Prior to joining Precept in 2004, Bryan spent three years in the prepaid industry as VP of Sales for a prepaid home dial tone company. He received his degree in business administration at the University of San Diego.
Bryan Zingg

Dr. Martin L. Brückner

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Brückner published his first software developments in German with success at the age of 15. During his law studies he began to develop software for various European companies including Transact - which was acquired by Euronet in 2003 as part of its prepaid division, and rebranded to epay in 2009.

In 2001 Martin founded his own company based in Munich called MLB Development GmbH (“software, that works”) and continued to develop software for several companies. Over the years, MLB focused more and more on its biggest customer, Transact, and in 2007 the MLB team joined Transact. At that time, Martin became responsible for the software development and the processing system as the new IT director. In 2009, Martin was promoted to CTO of the epay division.
Martin Brückner