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Ria PINless Long Distance Calling

Ria pinless

No fee, low cost global calling.

If talk is cheap, then long distance calling should be, too. Ria PINless calling is unlike prepaid phone cards by offering lower costs and there is no need to dial a PIN code for global calls; Ria automatically detects the account when calling from a registered telephone number.

How it Works:

  • Customer registers phone number at your location through the point-of-sale
  • Customer receives an access number on the receipt and via text message
  • Customer dials access number from registered phone number to make long distance calls

Ria PINless offers MORE to you than other PINless dialing market leaders – including the ability to sell a globally trusted brand without carrying inventory. And your customers will enjoy the following product benefits:

  • $2 free trial for every new customer
  • $5 bonus added to customer’s account for every referral who signs up
  • Customer can register unlimited phone numbers for each account

To contact epay for more information or to sign up, call 1-800-983-9385 or Click Here